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Valves and Other Parts and Supplies

  • Valves; Kimray; Wellmark;Norriseal; Mercer; Chem Oil
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  • We carry a full array of associated equipment, parts and suppliers for sale, including valves, flanges and adapters, chokes, pumps, volume tanks, gauges, Western Chemical pumps, Sun Pumper Chemical pumps and anodes
  • Specialty items are available upon request
  • Major brands carried include:
    –  Kimray
    – Fisher
    – Wellmark
    – Norriseal
    – Mercer
    – Inferno
    – Flameco
    – Enardo
    – Jayco
    – Wika
    – Chem Oil
  • Additional on-site capabilities include:
    – Valve exchange program
    – Valve repairs
    – Valve kits

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“It is nice to have a vendor who lets you exchange your valves so you can get your well going and avoid lost down time. They will even bring parts out to your location so you can stay en route”