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Test Separators

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  • A self-contained separator unit utilized during a well’s initial production to separate the effluent and measure the flow rate
  • Horizontal units that can be skid or trailer mounted. Mobile unit goes from well to well
  • Available either as the unit only or completely assembled with all required piping and controls, ready to integrate into a tank battery
  • Rigorously tested to customer specification
  • ASME code or non code
  • Most common configurations range from 36” x 10’ to 48” x 15’ with ratings up to 2,150 PSI
  • Options include:
    – NACE MRO 175 standards
    – Piping x Ray B31.3 standards
    – Various instrumentation brand options

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“It is nice to have a vendor who lets you exchange your valves so you can get your well going and avoid lost down time. They will even bring parts out to your location so you can stay en route”