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Fiberglass Oilfield Storage Tanks

  • Fiberglass Oilfield Storage Tanks-1
  • Fiberglass Oilfield Storage Tanks-2


  • Fiberglass tanks generally used for oil or saltwater storage
  • Standard dimensions: 
    – 210 BBL: 10’ diameter by 15’ height
    – 300 BBL: 12’ diameter by 15’ height
    – 400 BBL: 12’ diameter by 20’ height
    – 500 BBL: 15’6” diameter by 16’ height
  • Available in ortho or ISO inner surface configuration:
    – Ortho is the standard offering for saltwater storage
    – ISO handles more chemicals at higher temperatures
  • API 12P - built to specifications
  • All fiberglass tanks include grounding strip, thief hatches and lifting lugs

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“We completed a 40-well package in the Texas Panhandle and used JL Bryan for our tank batteries. Being headquartered out of the Houston area, it was very convenient to make a call to get our tank batteries completed. From the dirt work to the equipment delivery and installation, they were able to supply and coordinate our hook-ups.”